Tuesday, May 29, 2007

18 days left!!

For those that have not signed up yet…the Lighthouse Run is just 18 days away!

There is a 4 and 10 mile competitive run as well as a 2 or 4 mile walk.

Click the logo below for a registration form.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

May 26th

Jud was heading to Ecuador to see Peter and since I didn’t see an e-mail from him I thought that I’d send one out in its place.

This Saturday we will meet down at Parkside (Park Here) 7 AM.

Since it may rain I have included a road route in addition to the 5k and 10k x-country course routes.

Coffee will be at Panera.

Parkside all road Route – 6.1 miles

X-country - 5k

X-country - 10k

Saturday, May 19, 2007

07:00:00 5/19/07

Last week we were joined m the youngest member of the group yet. Wasn’t ready to run and was not much in the way of conversation at coffee. Jodi brought her little guy who covered the distance in the running stroller with a little stop for a bit to eat. Great to see him.

Saturday’s Run: Lighthouse. Meet at the Lakeshore Towers. (Map)
7:00 AM.

Lighthouse – 9.6 miles

Zoo Route – 6.13 miles

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cinco de Mayo

Saturdays’ Run.

The weather is predicted to clear after today so the bike trails will be dry.

Back to the Bike Trail North. I received a report that it is open to 7 Mile Rd.

Meet at the parking lot on the north side of 3 Mile Rd. just west of Douglas Ave. (map here) If that’s full there is room across the street.

Julie Veltus wants you all to consider the Brainstorm Run June 24. Proceeds go to the Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Wisconsin. It starts at Veteran’s Park, Milwaukee. (http://www.epilepsyfoundationsewi.org/ or see: www.epilepsyfoundation.org)

3-6 Mile Rd - Bike Trl - 6.52 mi

3-7 Mile Rd - Bike Trl - 8.6 mi