Tuesday, May 30, 2006

June 3rd

Meet 7:00 AM

We will run from Kristin's house and have coffee after the run. 3163 Linden Lane. First road west of Neumann Rd, then north then right (east) to Linden. Just a clarification on directions - if you take hwy 38 to Newman rd - go north on Newman for 1 block to Richmond drive. Go right on Richmond for 2 blocks to Linden lane and go left - 2nd house on right. CLICK HERE FOR A MAP

Running Route #1 (5.9)
Running Route #2 (4.3 including Armstrong)
Running Route #2 (6.2 including Armstrong)

Andy Hay (5:25:55) and Liz Logan-Hay (4:15:38) ran the Green Bay Marathon the week before last. Andy had planned on only the half, so I am told, having only run a 10 mile preparation run.

John Becker (2:24:45), Norris Richardson (2:30:24) and daughter Meg (2:30:24) ran a very hot and humid Mad City Half Marathon on Sunday.

Congratulations to all our finishers.

M.I.A. over these last several week; Tom A. and Ria B.

Mad City Marathon (and Half Marathon)

Well we had three of our clan in Madison on Sunday. They braved the hot, muggy weather and put up some great times for the half marathon.

John Becker with a 2:23:41
Norris Richardson with a 2:29:21
Meg Richardson with a 2:29:22

Fantastic Job!! We can’t wait to hear all about the race…so submit a race report soon!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Green Bay Marathon

A BIG congratulation goes out to Andy, Elizabeth, and Rich all of whom ran the Green Bay Marathon last week!

Not sure that any of us knew they were going to run this race but here are the results:

Elizabeth 04:11:42
Andrew 05:25:55
Richard 05:26:41

Way to go guys!!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

MAY 27, 2006

Next Saturday’s Run, change from the decision at coffee.

Next Saturday’s run will start from Culver’s on 21st St. just east of Green Bay Road. (LOCATION HERE) The run for the following week (June 3) will be the Panera’s run. I was reminded that Kristin had asked for us to run from Panera’s on June 3.

Time: 7:00 AM

Here is the CULVER’S ROUTE.

Someone please call me and let me know where you select for coffee: 639-2103. I like sleeping in, but be assured I much, much prefer to run.

Next Sunday is the Madison Half Marathon and Marathon (LINK). I think John Becker is planning to run the Half. It is a fun run, if a little hilly that I always enjoy. Most of the run is shaded and the part that isn’t is through the campus. You might want to email John at JABecker@beckerfrench.com if you plan on going so you can share a ride.

I just received an email from the Chicago Marathon. More than 30,000 have registered, so if you are considering that marathon you better get serious about that decision. Chicago Marathon Link

Tuesday, May 16, 2006




Register right away as this event reaches max capacity quickly. Last year, entrant spots were full in just 62 hours, 19 minutes.


For questions regarding your registration form, call 1-877-228-4881.
For general Event information, please contact The Marine Corps Marathon office at marine.marathon@usmc.mil


Monday, May 15, 2006

Saturday, May 20th

Colonial Park Run (Starting pointRunning Route)
Start at 7:00 AM

With all this rain, you may get your feet wet. When the river is high, the trail just past the bridge is sometimes under water. If you, just turn around and run north to high ground.

It was a hearty bunch last Saturday, but the rain stayed up for the run—mostly.

Keep ChesterLynn in your thought and prayers. We want her back with us as soon.

Have a good week and get out for a run in spite of the rain.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May 13th

Lighthouse Run. ---> HERE IS THE ROUTE

Meet at Lakeshore condo towers.
7:00 AM.

Just returned from the doctor’s. I’m done running for 6 weeks with a tear of a tendon in my knee. I still intend to join you for coffee.


Monday, May 01, 2006

Saturday May 6th

Saturday’s Run: North Bike Trail

Time: 7:00 AM

Meet: Parking lot on bike trail just west of Douglas Ave. on Three Mile Road. Bill tells me that if we fill the parking lot on the north side of Three Mile Road, we can also park on the south side.

In planning your run, the trail is close north of 5 Mile Road so you will want to loop south before heading north if you are looking to run more than 4 miles.