The group as we know it was formed in 2002 at the Relay for Life out at Case HS.

Jud, Tom and Ralph were all out there in support of the Relay and they began talking about the races they were each training for.

The group has grown from those humble beginings and still communicates primarily through Jud's weekly email which tells everyone where next weeks run will be.

With only the exception for local races (Lighthouse) the group meets every Saturday at 7 AM, we run for about an hour and then head to coffee. If you are training for a longer race and need extra miles there are always people starting early so just ask and I'm sure someone will be starting near your time.

The skill level of our group ranges from walkers to 6 minute milers, from beginners to 25+ years of running, and from those who will never run a race to those that have run hundreds.

Come on out and have a go...I'm sure you will enjoy the camaraderie.

If you have questions please email us here: racinerunners@gmail.com