Saturday, December 29, 2007

Last Run and the First Run of the Year

Last run of 2007. Cemetery Run (5.85 miles.) Coffee at Wilson’s. Park Here

First Run: Extending the tradition, New Year’s Day. Carol is hosting the run. Meet 2712 Airline Road. Start at 9:00 AM 8:00 AM. Airline to Spring to K to Airline. Greg home is about half way around, so water can be had there. I will have champagne from Moldova to start the New Year.

Happy New Year to all.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

12/22/07 Saturday's Run

It looks like a run with the surest footing will keep us on the side streets. So our last run before Christmas descends will be, how appropriate, the Church Run. (5.1 mile route) Park Here

I hope that the snows stays through Christmas. Let me extend to those that I will not see Saturday a Merry Christmas to you, your family and friends.


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from your Blogger!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday's Run. Upon further review....

Steph reports that the road in cemeteries, while clear of snow, are very icy. Prudence dictates a change of location at the risk some of your don’t get the information.

All places have at least some residual ice, but the roads and most sidewalks have been cleared.

I think if we meet at the Lakeshore Towers and run north we will have the best chance of the best footing available.

Towers parking: (click here for map)


Saturday's Run

With all the snow and slush, I think it will be best if we run the cemeteries on Saturday.

Thank all of you that ran the Jingle Bell Run. The money raised went for a good cause.

Hope I feel well enough to join you. I finally did a couple of miles on a treadmill so I think I will be ready for a short run Saturday.


Saturday, December 08, 2007

This year’s Jingle Bell Run

Most of you should have received an e-mail inviting you to join the team this year but in case you haven’t click the picture below and sign up for the Jingle Bell Run!!

The Jingle Bell Run is a fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation and the run in Racine starts at Racine Lutheran High School. It is a 5k Run/Walk on December 8th. Come join the team or simply make a donation!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

1st of December

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I have only felt like death warmed over this last three weeks. I will also miss this Saturday’s Run but expect to make the Jingle Bell Run, albeit, very, very slowly.

We (or more accurately You) will run the Southside Bike trail meeting at West Blvd. and Durand (map here) at the usual time of 7:00AM.

Coffee to be determined, but I suspect Wilson’s.


Bike Trail South – 6.19 miles

Reverse Culver’s Route – 5.21

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday, November 24

We had a good bunch of runners this week…including Jeff who crossed that WI-IL border just to run with us! (He has wedding photo’s available on-line…I’ll get that link out to everyone soon!)

The run for this week was discussed and the following was decided: “We haven’t been to Mocha Lisa’s in a while.”

So we will run the north side bike trail starting at the bike trial near 3 mile and Douglas. (map here)

Bike Trial North (6.52 miles.)

Also this week we have Thanksgiving…which means that besides having to wear the loose fitting pants to dinner there will be the annual Turkey Trot.

Come on down to Kenosha and join us!!! You can choose from the 2 mile or the 10k and then join us for a bloody mary after the race. For more information see the following site:

Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Trot Results

Here is a short list of Saturday Morning Runners who completed the Mayor’s Turkey Trot in Kenosha on Thanksgiving Day:

Amy DeMatthew 46:42 - Placed 2nd in her age group!
Melissa Northup 49:10 - Placed 2nd in her age group!
Kim Carey 51:19 - Placed 3rd in her age group!
Mike Dederich 54:18
Andy Hay 55:34
Steph Folk 56:47 - PR!!
Bill Folk 56:48
John Becker 59:39
David Paulson 1:05:13

I know there were at least 2 additional runners but I can not find their times…If someone could point them out I would appreciate it.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sat. Nov. 17th Run

Good Afternoon Runners!!!

Saturday at coffee we determined that it has been a while since we have run from the that is where next weeks run will be!

Who: Anyone who is willing to put up with us
What: Our Regular Saturday Morning Run
When: Saturday Morning – 7:00 AM
Where: The Towers (click here for map)
Why: Because there is coffee at the end!!! This week we are heading to Dunn Brothers.

Many routes to choose are 2:

Lighthouse – 9.6 miles

Zoo Route – 6.13 miles

Hope to see you all there!


Saturday, November 10, 2007


Sorry to be posting this so late…it slipped by me this week but here it is!!

So now I have it straight. This week we will run the Parkside course. (I can hear the groans already. “Not that hill!”).

Also, you may have received the brochure for the Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis. Registration is $17 if before 11/26 and $25. Andy reported that he is trying to have the website as well as Saturday Morning Runners. The run is December 8, so join me for my birthday run. I turn 39 again that day—for the 23rd time.

Meet here at 7 AM

Parkside – 5k course

Parkside – 10k course

Parkside – Road course – 4.7 miles

I will post a separate link to the Jingle Bell Run this weekend.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday’s Run – Nov 3rd

For the group that showed up at the run this morning, there was a craft sale at Senior Center.

The location for next Saturday's run, November 3d, will be Colonial Park, with coffee at Dunn Brothers.

7 am start as usual


Colonial Route - 5.67 mi

View Larger Map

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Marine Corps Race Results

Congrats to Susan Barry for completing the Marine Corps Marathon in 4:12:29! That's a great time, you should be very proud of yourself.

Also a cheer goes out to Dan Barry for a swift 10K, finishing in 52:29.

Great job to both of you! Can't wait to hear all about the races.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

As the risk of the wrath of the outraged, but bearing in mind next Saturday is NOT the second Saturday of the month, we will run from the parking lot by the zoo at Lake Ave. & Gould. (see map below) We may have some surprises waiting in store for us should the second Saturday be not the only Saturday that is special to the sunny folks at the Center. The timid may wish to park on the street.

7:00 AM as usual

Good luck to Sue Barry. This weekend she runs the Marine Corps Marathon.


Route to the North – 7.07 miles

Route to the South – 5.51 miles

View Larger Map

Saturday, October 20, 2007

10/20 7 AM

Great day for a run this past Saturday. Cool weather and gentle footing.

With all the rain that is coming, I am grateful you selected a paved course for next week’s run. We will run cemeteries. Meet at the Piggly Wiggly parking lot at West Blvd. and Washington. Coffee will be at Wilson’s.

View Larger Map

Cemetery Route - 5.85 miles

Last week there was much discussion about the Chicago Marathon. You will want to read Mike D.’s comments, Kristin’s comments, and check out Bill F.’s link to his blog. Makes you wonder about those of you that are preparing for the Goofy Run.

Bill will be gone for 4 weeks (Australia, no less) and he wants us all to make sure Steph makes the Sat. runs so if she fails to appear next Saturday, he expects us to bombard her with reminders.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Jodie's CHI Summary

My Chicago Marathon…I've wanted to run this race for 5 years. In my mind I think of the Chicago Marathon as a premiere event when it comes to running. The morning got off to a smooth start, warm but all was going well. The drive down turned out to be a good choice, bathroom stops were addressed, found it easy to park, etc. As we walked to the starting area it didn't seem too crowded. I thought Marine Corps was much, much worse. We headed to the starting line and our group split up. Bill & Mike headed further back into the pack while Kristin and I slipped in as close to the preferred start group as we could. (Thanks for the tip Melissa) It was only minutes after Jodee Mesinna finished the National Anthem, the gun went off and we were crossing the starting line. Here we go! I had Kristin at my side and all was well. We were like freed criminals, covering the first few miles at an average of 7 ½ minute miles. Oops, way too fast. It was a beautiful morning, the shade of the buildings and the light breeze off the lake kept my mind off the potential for the day to turn hot & muggy. I felt great. The miles seemed to be clicking away as I enjoyed the lively crowd. The various things going on with the spectators was amusing…I even got to high five Elvis. I think running by the Sears Tower just before mile 13 was the best part. The spectators were going nuts and I was stunned by the energy. I hit mile 13, saw Steph & Melissa cheering from the sea of people on the sidewalk. That got me pumped all over again. I covered the first 13.1 miles in 2 hours! Could this be a PR Marathon???? That was answered just a few miles later with a big "NO"! Around mile 18 I became anxious about my ability to finish this one. When did it get so hot? Why is this suddenly so hard? Why did I leave Kristin? I thought of conversations with Judd regarding the 2nd ½ of a marathon. "There is still a lot of race left". That 2nd ½ can really make or break you. This one came close. I felt confused, didn't know if I was hot or cold, my shoes seemed more like wooden blocks and I had to focus hard to keep my body moving forward in a productive fashion. The noise and actions of the crowd was now very irritating and made me feel dizzy and delirious. I was walking all the water stops, taking in one Gatorade & two cups water per stop. These breaks gave me a goal to get through the next stretch. I later felt bad about the amount of liquid I was sucking down. It turns out not all runners had the luxury of hydrating on the course as the supply was low. Sorry!!! Fellow runners were dropping out due to cramps, puking and or passing out more than I've ever seen in any event. That mentally sent me into a panic. Are my symptoms bad enough to get me to that point before I finish? My suffering seemed to peek and valley as I trotted closer to the finish. The last 3 miles took forever. What was that I heard? Something about the race being over but everyone was still running & cheering. I thought I was not thinking straight. I don't remember what mile I was but I was almost done and the course was being filed down to a single file line. A man was shouting that the race was over and to walk to the finish. No way!?!?! I continued to run to the finish line as all seemed to still be on the up & up. I crossed the finish line and had to do everything I could to keep it together. It was so hot and the pack of exhausted runners was sucking up all my oxygen. I wandered out of the finish area and crashed in the shade under a row of trees. I did it! This was the hardest run I've ever done. The finish was odd and disappointing due to the impact of the race closure. It's hard to be happy with finishing when you know so many others were pulled from the course. It's been a week and three days; I have not run since. I don't know if I'm protesting or still in shock. The rut is scheduled to end first thing in the morning. Thanks & congratulations to Mike, Bill & Kristin. It was an ugly one and we all earned our medals. A special thanks to Steph & Melissa for taking such good care of us. Look out Disney…here we come!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kristin's blog entry - Chicago Marathon

I can truly say I have never experienced anything like it! This was probably one of the most challenging physical things I have ever done in my life.

During the week preceding the marathon, we all continued to keep our eye on the weather channel to see what would be in store for us. On the Sunday and Monday prior to the race, the weather called for heat up through Friday but then a major cool down for Saturday and rain but cool on Sunday. Not that I am a big fan of running in the rain, but I thought it would be better than 80 degrees. As the week progressed, the weather system was pushed out a day - now the heat was expected through Saturday - no big deal I thought. We still have til Sunday - well, not so much!! By Thursday it was clear that the weather was going to be brutal on Sunday, we just didn't know how brutal.

On Friday, Bill, Steph, Mike, Jodie, Carol, Melissa and I had some fun and took the train into the city to go to the expo - talk about cool!! There was so much awesome running stuff there I felt like a kid in a candy store.... and then Jodie and I made the big purchase - the 2007 Chicago Marathon jacket. This was a big risk - I knew that if I didn't finish the marathon I would have never worn the jacket but I took the chance!! I went with the traditional black - Jodie took the vibrant green - way to stand out, Jodie!!!

Sunday came and Bill, Steph, Mike, Melissa and I met at Jodies house at 4:45 a.m. It was already 72 degrees at this time. - most people say they just don't get runners and why they do what they do, like meeting in the middle of the night to head down to a race. But, we made it there in record time and even found a parking spot in the Grant Park parking garage - I thought this was a good sign!!

We immediately made our way over to the long line by the port-a-potties - a race tradition!! Afterwards Jodie and I headed toward the front of the pack and Mike and Bill stayed back a bit. In hind site this was a good decision.

Things were moving well in the beginning - we saw Steph and Melissa at mile 2 just to say hello!! By mile 10 Jodie was stronger than I so I slowed a bit while she forged ahead - you go girl!! At mile 13 I saw Melissa and by this time Rich had come down to watch as well (thanks Rich!!). I pulled over to say hello and wanted to get out of the mainstream in case I puked - a very distinct possibility at this time. As I was standing there I felt my skin get goose bumps - never a good sign in the heat, but I waited for a few moments and slowly continued on.

By mile 17 I again met up with Melissa and Rich - it was awesome to see a friendly face in the crowd. There was serious question at this point as to whether or not I could keep going but I forced myself to slowly move forward. It was less than 10 miles at this time - I had run 10 miles millions of times!!!

I continued to forge ahead and then at mile 22 I heard them say the race was officially over but they did not close the course. The crowd was still awesome and very encouraging. I clearly was too far along at this point to stop moving forward. Needless to say the moving could not have been mistaken as "quick" but it was forward.

At mile 25pointsomething I again saw Melissa and Rich who reminded me the race was officially over and I should just walk in but now it was personal. I had to run across the finish line! (and now I can wear the jacket).

This was soooo difficult. I could not believe what I was seeing through so much of the race. Running around people who had passed out and were laying across the road, passing people left and right who were tossing their cookies on the side of the road, hearing people yell for help when the medical people were off assisting someone else - - I continued to ask myself why would I keep doing this?

The best part of the weekend.....preparing for the run, spending time at the expo, getting to the marathon and being with an absolutely great group of people throughout this process. For all of those of you I run with or spend time talking about running, I thank you. You are all awesome and I would NEVER be able to do this without all of you, nor would I want to.

And Bill..... this is for you. I read your blog and I disagree with one thing you do deserve the medal. Mother nature pulled a fast one and it was out of our control. You have more internal fortitude than anyone I know and you would have finished!! YOU EARNED IT!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Chicago Thought

Well first I would like to thank everyone that encouraged and coached me along the way. Without your help I wouldn't have even tried.
Before the race even started I managed to break my earphones and could only use one side but that was ok. I had an old pair of sunglasses to use when it got sunny, I lost those at mile 5! As the race went on and things got hotter I really doubted if I would finish and that was at mile 7. There seemed to be no water stop between 4 and 8 or something like that. I carry a huge jug but even that was almost gone. I never seemed to find my groove. My Garmen was not able to give me an accurate reading because of the buildings so I tried to watch my pace group as best I could. Later the Garmen was fine.
As the temperature rose the water stops took more time to get through and the runners were slowing. About halfway I would run as far as I could then walk a little then run again. I made it to mile 20 doing this. My time was really slow at this point but I knew I could make it now. Then the police announced that we had to stop running and could only walk the rest of the race because of the extreme conditions. I really was drained at that time. Another runner asked me if she could walk with me because her foot really hurt and needed some encouragement. I'm glade she did, we walked as fast as we could. At that point the race looked more a sea of refugees. She ran in the last mile and I ran in the last half mile.
Even though the weather conditions were extreme bad, It wasn't something I could look back at and say " what a great race I did". It was hard and ugly but I'm glade I was able to finish. And to see so many people struggle and help one another was really amazing!
Will I do it again? I think so, Thanks, Mike

10/13/07 7:00 AM

With all I have read about the Chicago marathon, it’s a wonder anyone finished but three of us did. We are waiting to hear about it at coffee.

I hope Bill F. is all right. I’m doing just fine…I have posted my race report on my running blog which you can find by clicking HERE. See you all on Saturday!

Saturday’s Run: something soft and flat for the marathoners. Bike trail south(6.19 miles). Meet at West Blvd. and Durand. 7:00 AM.

View Larger Map

Saturday, October 06, 2007

October 6

By popular demand we will start at my house: 465 Melvin, the corner of N. Wisconsin and Melvin (Melvin is the first stop light north of the zoo and Wisconsin Ave. is two blocks west of Main).

View Larger Map

Usual time: 7:00 AM

Good luck to those running the Chicago Marathon this Sunday. It is a really fun run. The temp will be about perfect but the weather calls for some scattered rain. Let’s hope it stays scattered long enough to finish the race. This will be Mike D’s first marathon and Bill F. will add another state to his ever enlarging list.


4.5 mile loop Erie-4 Mile-Main

5.9 mile loop around Lighthouse

Saturday, September 29, 2007

29th of September

Place: Bike Trial North (6.52 miles.) Meet at the parking lot just west of Douglas Ave. on Three Mile Road.

View Larger Map

Coffee at Moca Lisa on Douglas and 4 ½ Mile Road.

For the Chicago Marathon group: Taper. Down to 8 miles.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

September 22

Back to my favorite run: Colonial Park

7:00 AM

Coffee at Java Vino

Badger play at 7:00 PM so I will be able to join you. I would have preferred to 2PM start, but I guess ABC asked for a 7PM start I and I neglected to ask for a 2PM start.

Colonial Route – 5.67 miles

Park Here:

View Larger Map

Saturday, September 15, 2007

September 15th

After our pleasant exchange with the sunny folks at the lakeshore Center, we will refrain from utilizing the parking lot on the second Saturday of each month.

This week’s run will Reverse Culver’s. Meet at Durand Ave. and West Blvd.

View Larger Map

If the rain lets up, some may want to run south along the bike trial which is flatter and a softer.

Coffee can be almost anywhere. Someone make the call. - Wilson’s??


Reverse Culver’s Run – 5.21 miles

Bike Trail South – 6.19 miles

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday, September 8

Something new, sort of.

Meet at the parking lot south of the zoo located on Goold and Michigan as we did a couple of weeks ago.

View Larger Map

This time we run south not north along the Lake bike trial. Over the bridge and then south out to the point, to gateway or however you might want to run.


Park View South to 11th St (behind Gateway) – 5.51 miles

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Saturday’s run was cooler (not cool, however) and pretty muggy. We are predicted for better weather this week, so keep on moving.

This week’s selection: Panera #2. The marathon build up people will run Panera#1 (5.87 miles) prior to the 7:00 AM Run

Park here:

View Larger Map

As I write the results of Bill’s marathon on Utah have not been posted. Bill, please le the race when you get a chance.


Well here is the link to my race report – enjoy! I finished in 5:46:42.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sat. Aug. 25, ‘07

Something new.

Meet at the zoo parking lot on Lake Ave and Goold (See Map Below) and run north around the lighthouse. There is a bike trail from Three Mile that run behind Prairie and then works it’s way north to Four Mile so we don’t have to run on Erie St. which has no shoulder and is exceedingly boring.

I will try to remember to put water on my back porch for those doing their long build up run.

Some time @ 7:00 AM

Best of luck to Bill on his Utah marathon. Ahhh yes, hilly, hot and at elevation. What more could you ask for.


Park Here:

View Larger Map

Park View North around the Point – 7.07 miles

Park View South to 11th St – 5.51 miles

Monday, August 13, 2007

Saturday the 18th

Hot and humid, again.

Saturday’s run: cemetery. Still looking for shaded runs but it looks like it will be cooler that our last run.


Just remember, in about 5 months we will be wondering why it is so cold.


Park Here

Cemetery Route: 5.85 miles

Saturday, August 11, 2007

8/11/07 7AM

Start: Colonial Park (map here)
7:00 AM

Still hot. The shade should help.


Route: Colonial Route – 5.67 miles

Alternative: Colonial Route North – 6.25 miles

Saturday, August 04, 2007

4th of August

A pleasant run was had by all last week even though the humidity was off the charts!

This week we should be in for a little nicer weather and the slight possibility of some showers.

We will meet at Jud’s office 510 College Ave (Map Here) and run the Church Run – 5.1 miles.

There has been a request that we try Harlon J’s in the Johnson Building for coffee this week so that will be the place to be!

We will be heading to Java Vino for coffee since Harlon J's is not open on Saturdays.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jud is still out of the country

Jodi and Kristin are nursing their muscles from the Tri (Congratulations!! - we can't wait for your recap)

Chicago marathon buildup is at 15 miles

And this week we are headed to the cemeteries!

We will met here and run the Cemetery Route – 5.85 miles.

Coffee will be at Wilson’s!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

21st of July

As you know Jud is in Moldova this week but we decided where to run before he left.

When: 7 AM Saturday July 21st

Where: Colonial Park

Route: Colonial Route – 5.67 miles

See you there…Harlon J’s for Coffee??!! (Inside of Johnson Bank in downtown)

Good luck to our triathletes this weekend...We'll be cheering for you!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

July 14

Well it is July after all. Hot and muggy.
Conversation selecting run for July was one of the topics at coffee Saturday. It’s clear we all agree that we should run where we can count on shade and accessible water.
Saturday: UW Parkside cross country course. The hills are rough but we loop back a couple of time so we can have out water around the start line.

I will be Moldova and Hungry the last two weekends of July so we set runs for the next three weeks. Shady courses was the requirement. After Parkside, Colonial and after Colonial back the Cemetery Run. Coffee to be determined later.

It was great to have Ralph back. Tom W. and Ralph are not the designated walking group.


Meet here at 7 AM

Parkside – 5k course

Parkside – 10k course

Parkside – Road course – 4.7 miles

Saturday, July 07, 2007

07/07/07 07:00:00

What a great day for run last Saturday. Let’s hope for the same this Saturday.

Cemetery Run - 5.85 miles

Meet at the parking lot on the NW corner of West. Blvd. and Washington Ave. (map here)

Have a great 4th.


Saturday, June 30, 2007

6/30 7 AM

I know we won’t need the shade because it will be mild, but Colonial is such a pleasant Run. So…

Colonial Park

7:00 AM


Colonial Route – 5.67 miles

For everyone running Chicago, you can see that I have included the running schedule off to the right of this posting. This week looks like 11 miles!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Church Run. Shady and near the lake for the warm weather. (5.1 mile route)

7:00 AM.

Meet in my parking lot, 510 College Ave. (map here)

I didn’t have an opportunity to check time in the Lighthouse Run but good for all that ran. I did notice that the new woman’s record was not set by any of us.

I was told that regardless of the time of the wedding, I was not to run. My daughter was the maid of honor and the boys were usher. So what did that have to do with me? Turns out one of the brides maid ran the 10 Mile. Hmmmm.

Bill has a new address for our blog which should be easier to remember



6:15 for anyone that is interested in starting early.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

June 16 - Race day

Saturday is the Lighthouse Run.

For those not running Lighthouse, the run will run from Moca Lisa on Highway 32 at 4 ½ Mile Road at 7 AM. (Map here)

Good luck to all racing on Saturday.


Saturday, June 09, 2007


If it doesn’t stop raining we can all start training for the swimming portion of a triathlon.

Saturday’s Run: Colonial Park.

7:00 except for those starting earlier.

Last run before the Lighthouse Run

I attached a picture (see below) of Peter’s family in Ecuador sans father who was working at the time. The second picture is where we are going for coffee.

Will someone let Java Vino we are going there? (consider it done!)


Colonial Route – 5.67 miles

Saturday, June 02, 2007

June 2, 2007

We chose a route we have not done since August of last year!

Meet at the west end of Kmart’s parking lot (park here) 7 AM and we will run the Culver’s Route!

Standard Culver’s Route - 6 Miles

Coffee at Panera

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

18 days left!!

For those that have not signed up yet…the Lighthouse Run is just 18 days away!

There is a 4 and 10 mile competitive run as well as a 2 or 4 mile walk.

Click the logo below for a registration form.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

May 26th

Jud was heading to Ecuador to see Peter and since I didn’t see an e-mail from him I thought that I’d send one out in its place.

This Saturday we will meet down at Parkside (Park Here) 7 AM.

Since it may rain I have included a road route in addition to the 5k and 10k x-country course routes.

Coffee will be at Panera.

Parkside all road Route – 6.1 miles

X-country - 5k

X-country - 10k

Saturday, May 19, 2007

07:00:00 5/19/07

Last week we were joined m the youngest member of the group yet. Wasn’t ready to run and was not much in the way of conversation at coffee. Jodi brought her little guy who covered the distance in the running stroller with a little stop for a bit to eat. Great to see him.

Saturday’s Run: Lighthouse. Meet at the Lakeshore Towers. (Map)
7:00 AM.

Lighthouse – 9.6 miles

Zoo Route – 6.13 miles

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cinco de Mayo

Saturdays’ Run.

The weather is predicted to clear after today so the bike trails will be dry.

Back to the Bike Trail North. I received a report that it is open to 7 Mile Rd.

Meet at the parking lot on the north side of 3 Mile Rd. just west of Douglas Ave. (map here) If that’s full there is room across the street.

Julie Veltus wants you all to consider the Brainstorm Run June 24. Proceeds go to the Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Wisconsin. It starts at Veteran’s Park, Milwaukee. ( or see:

3-6 Mile Rd - Bike Trl - 6.52 mi

3-7 Mile Rd - Bike Trl - 8.6 mi

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Race Results

Congrats to the Racine half marathon runners:

Melissa - 1:47:13
Jodie - 1:49:04
Mike - 2:08:29 (sorry I missed you...Thanks Bob for pointing out my oversight)
Kristen - 2:08:34
Andy - 2:09:49

Congrats to John who ran the Crazylegs race in 49:47.

See you all next week!?!

4/28 7AM

We have a Half Marathon that ties up downtown and lost of rain over the last two day. So, bike trial south. Meet at West Blvd. and Durand Ave. (park here)at 7:00 AM

Bike Trail South - 6.19 miles

Good luck to those racing Saturday. Madison has the Crazylegs run (5 miles I believe) and the Spirit of Racine Half Marathon.


Here are the links to the races this weekend:

Saturday, April 21, 2007

April 21, 2007

Time to return to my favorite run: Colonial (park here)

7:00 AM

I believe some are starting early.


Colonial Route 5.67 miles

Coffee?? Java Vino!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

4/14 7:00 AM

Rain? Snow?

Church Run to stay on the streets. 5.1 mile route

Meet at my office parking lot at 7:00 AM (map here)

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas this last weekend.


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday the 7th

Decision for next week's run: cemetery run-5.85 (Park here). Seems appropriate on the Saturday before Easter.
Coffee at Wilson's.


Saturday, March 31, 2007


Last Saturday the decision was to run a reverse Culver’s Run starting on the bike path at West Blvd. and Durand Avenue (Park Here). This puts that long rolling hill between Ohio St. and Highway 31 in the middle of the run rather than at the end. We were looking for someplace that we have been unable to run over the winter.

Start is 7:00 AM

I will not be able to run with the group Saturday. Would some one let me know the decision for the following week? I think there was a lot of sentiment for the bike trail north starting at Douglas and Three Mile road but no one seemed to know if the bike trail was open beyond 5 Mile.


Reverse Culver’s Route – 5.21

Bike Trail South – 6.19 miles

Saturday, March 24, 2007

24th of March

Tan, rest and ready to run. Three days of baseball sitting in that sun when I could have been back at the office. It's been in the 90's everyday here which makes morning run the only option. But enough of this sun, heat and fun. Time to get back to those welcoming gray skies and subfreezing wind chills.

Saturday's Run: Bill tells me we can finally return to Colonial Park so Colonial Park (Park Here) it is. 7:00 AM. Coffee wherever you select. We are midway between Panara and Java Vino. If you prefer Java Vino someone shold 1. make the decision and 2. let Java Vino know we will be there a little early.

Please excuse me, I have to put on a little sun block. See you all Saturday.


Colonial Route - 5.67 miles

It looks like we will be going to Java Vino! See you all on Saturday!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

March 17th

Warm weather clears the bike trails of snow. Saturday, Lakeshore Towers for the bike trail north. 7:00 AM

I will miss this run. I will be in Phoenix with my oldest for some spring training. Hum a few bars of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.” It’s almost spring. See you all the following week.


Park Here

Zoo Trail – 6.13 miles

CoffeeJava VinoI contacted them on Monday.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sat. March 10, 2007

I just finished talking with Dave P.

Sat. we expect to run the cemetery run staring at 7:00 AM.



Route HERE – 5.85 Miles

Saturday, March 03, 2007

March 3rd

Hearing nothing from my inquiry of the selection for Sat. run, we go w/ the cemetery run. Good place to run in lousy weather and lousy footing.

Saturday 7 AM


Route HERE – 5.85 Miles

Kristin: OK - sorry for the delay - at the end of coffee the few that were still there decided on Panera - for those that want to run long we will meet at Panera at 6:15

Bill: Is this a joke or for real?

Kristin: this is not a joke - (sorry Jud) We really did talk about Panera - there were about 5 or so of us there and this is what was decided - many people said they would not be here this week due to travel, etc so we just decided.

Saturday 7 AM

Panera - Park HERE

Panera route - 5.87 mile

Panera 2 route - 5.1 mile

Saturday, February 24, 2007

2/24/07 7:00 AM

With the thaw, we are a short time away from having the bike trails open, but in the mean time we will have to stick to the street.

Saturday: Lakeshore Towers at 7:00 AM. (park here)

Coffee at Java Vino. Carol, please let them know we will be there. They are very accommodating and like to know so they can prepare.

Street Route – North (Towers to 3 Mile – Main back) – 5.8 miles

Street Route – West Loop (State-NW-High-Main) – 4.2 miles

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturdays Run 2/17/07 - 7 AM

John Becker asked that we run from UW Parkside (PARK HERE) next Saturday 7 AM. He is training for the Kortepolet. This way anyone who want to cross country ski can ski and anyone who wants to run can run.

Coffee will be a Panera.

I hope Mike was able to get his picture of Kristin sent to everyone. I don’t know how to get it attached to this email. Hey, it’s not ten below yet.


Here is a route – 6.1 miles

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Brrrrrr. That was a cold run last Saturday—or so it was reported.

We need someplace out of the wind, so the decision was the Church Run (Route Here). Meet at my office (510 College - Map Here) at 7:00 AM. Coffee at Java Vino. I can’t recall who, but someone volunteered to let them know we will be there at 8:00 AM or so.


I will e-mail Java Vino that we are coming.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

February 3, 2007

Well, by popular, but less than unanimous, decision, Saturday we will run from P-P-Panera’s (Park Here)

7:00 AM


Steph and I checked the trail for the Panera 2 route and it was clear! So here is the route:

Panera 2 Route (approximation) - 5.1 miles

If you prefer the old route you can see it here:

Panera Route – 5.87

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Well, the best laid plans. No bike trail this weekend without snow shoes. I think the best bet is side streets in residential neighborhoods so will run the Church Run (Route Here). Meet at my offices (510 College - Map here) at 7:00 AM. If you want to go to Java Vino after the run, we should let them know. The email there is


Monday, January 08, 2007

Saturday, Jan. 13th

We were hoping for clear weather this week so we could return the bike trail north but the prediction is for ran Thursday, and Friday which will make for poor footing.

Instead we will run the cemeteries (Meet Here Route 5.85 miles). Start time 7:00 AM.

Good luck to Bill on his Houston Marathon.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

January 6th

Saturday’s Run.

Last Sat. we were trying to select the run for this coming Saturday and decided Parkside if there was no rain and Lighthouse Run if it rained during the week. I just checked and learned that there is no rain expected until Saturday morning, but then a 60% chance.

So, Lighthouse Run (or any portion you wish to run - see routes below). Meet at Lakeshore Towers (Park Here). 7:00 AM Run.

Should I let Java Vino that we will be there for coffee or would you prefer elsewhere?


Zoo Route 6.13 miles

Lighthouse 9.6 miles

Alternate long run 10.26 miles

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 Results

December 2, 2007 – Las Vegas Marathon (LV, NV)

Melissa - 3:50:29

November 22, 2007 – Turkey Trot (Kenosha)

Amy D - 46:42 - Placed 2nd in her age group!

Melissa - 49:10 - Placed 2nd in her age group!

Kim - 51:19 - Placed 3rd in her age group!

Mike - 54:18

Andy - 55:34

Steph - 56:47 - PR!!

Bill - 56:48

John B - 59:39

David P - 1:05:13

October 28, 2007 – Marine Corp Marathon (VA)

Susan B - 4:12:29

October 28, 2007 – Marine Corp 10k (VA)

Dan B - 52:29

October 1, 2007 – ChicagoMarathon (IL)

Jodie - Race Report

Kristin - Race Report

Mike - Race Report

Bill - Race Report

August 26, 2007 – Park CityMarathon (UT)

Bill - 5:46:42 - race report

April 28, 2007 – Racine HalfMarathon

Melissa - 1:47:13

Jodie - 1:49:04

Mike - 2:08:29

Kristen - 2:08:34

Andy - 2:09:49

April 28, 2007 – Crazy Legs 8k

John - 49:47