Monday, August 28, 2006

September 2, 2006

Bill checked the bike trial north and it is still closed, so

Next Saturday’s Run will be UW Parkside XC Course. (Map here)

Start time: 7:00 AM

The course is particularly good for the marathon build up group because you need only set water out at the around the start line and fill up as you come by on the various loops of the course. This looks like a good week for some running. The prediction is cooler and dryer air.


Here is the 5k route and the 10k route.

I will be running from home to Parkside. Here is my route.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Saturday the 26th

7 a.m.

Start at Lakeshore Towers (Map Here).

Here are a few routes:

Zoo Trail – Jud’s house loop 5.5 miles

Tower’s South Route 4.9 miles

Tower’s Loop (via Jud’s house and the Zoo) 10.25 miles

This Saturday we hope to break in the new bike trial to the zoo. This adds to our collection of inaugurations of new sections as the bike trails as the first organized run. We started this a couple of years ago with some winter runs through Island Park.

For the marathon build up group (or any one going by), I will leave water and Gatorade on my side porch. If I forget, knock on the door and ask for some water. The last time I offered this, I forgot the water. I will let Mary know as so she won’t be surprised if I forget and you knock.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

19th of August

This week the Culver’s Run.

Meet at the K-Mart parking lot. (MAP HERE)

Usual start time: 7:00 AM although the marathon build up group will doubtlessly start earlier. I have no idea where that group may run so I don’t know where water should be set out. The temp call for a high of 74 w/ scattered t-storms. Even though it will be mild, water is an issue.

M.I.A. these past weeks: Bob O. Jeanne and Terry H.


Standard Culver’s Route

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Saturday August 12th

Saturday’s Run

Last week we decided upon the Cemetery Run because so much of that run is covered by shared. It looks like it will be milder than we thought, but we wil run this location anyway. The marathon build up group can run the bike trial south and we can loop back to the parking lot for water.

Regular start: 7:00 AM

Start Here (MAP)

Cemetery route 5.85 miles

For directions check the blog.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

7 AM Saturday

With all this heat and the relief being only a small reduction in temp. Sat.’s run will be Colonia Park again. (MAP HERE Beware of detour at top of hill…you will need to head north one block to Westwood Dr. to get around the construction) So much of it is shaded that it makes it good for long runs. I will place water and Gatoraide on my back porch for the marathon build up group.

Coffee location to be determined.


Since the place is the same (and Runstopable satellite maps are working again) I came up with a few different routes…all but the last one stop by Jud’s house.

Colonial alt route north 5.7 miles

Colonial Loop 8.3 miles

Long Colonial 11 miles

Colonial Route 5.7 miles