Saturday, May 30, 2009

30th of May

Parkside (X-Country Course)  (Park Here)

Roads if wet

Coffee at Panera




Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 23rd

Webmasters fault for this not being placed on the site timely…SORRY!


Saturday’s Run: Cemetery Run. Who would have know last Saturday that we really would like a little shade for this week’s run/ walk.

Park in the parking lot in front of the old Piggly Wiggley at West Blvd. and Washington Ave. (Park Here)

I guess coffee will be at Wilson’s, outside if can get a table.



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 16

Saturday’s Run: reverse Colonial. If it ever stops raining we can run the traditional Colonial run, my favorite.


Meet: 510 College Ave. parking lot.




Saturday, May 09, 2009


Bike Trail North. Parking on north side of 3 Mile Road just west of Douglas Ave. park here

7:00 AM.  I don’t believe anyone is starting early after last weeks marathons and half marathons.


Here is what I have for lost weeks marathons and half marathon.  If I missed anyone let me know so we can get you added. Good work for all of you. Some new marathoners here…

Wisconsin Marathon

Carrie R.           3:54:19 1st marathon

Richard H.        4:37:29 1st marathon

Richard N.        4:40:50 1st marathon

Greg G.             4:43:07 1st marathon


Wisconsin Half Marathon

Eric S.                1:39:36

James L.            1:46:29

Ken R.                1:48:27

Tony L.              1:54:42

Scott M.             1:57:22 1st half

Mike D.              2:03:42

Yemi B.              2:04:00

Melissa N.         2:04:01

Kim C.               2:04:14

Mari D.              2:05:33

Kristin F.           2:07:54

Jessica L.           2:20:08

David P.             2:26:07

Jodie B.              2:49:29


Fort Collins Marathon

Bill F.                  5:25:24 adding another state


Saturday, May 02, 2009

May 2nd

Many of you will be running Kenosha’s Half or Full marathon. Best of luck to all of you.  Be sure to have some one send me your times.

For the rest of us:

Wrath of the Aged Run.  Meet at or near the parking lot on Gould and Michigan (MAP HERE). 7 AM Coffee TBD

Do you suppose with a run on the north side Ralph will finally show?