Saturday, April 29, 2006

Crazylegs – Madison, WI

Congratulations to John Becker who ran a great 8k in Madison. John ran a 44:02!!

Good Job John!

See you next week.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Crazylegs Run

Just to clarify, my e-mail is Also, the run starts at 10:00, so my plan right now is to drive up Sat. morning, but I am flexible.

John Becker

Here is the website:

April 29, 2006

Sorry about being late getting to you about Saturday’s Run. I was out sick Monday and Tuesday and returned to… email. (Oh, and the phones weren’t working either. It was enough to send me back to the sickbed). I stopped by the office this evening to see the email is restored.

We will run the Parkside Course starting at 7:00 AM

Meet in the parking lot across from the CC Course. (South on Highway 31, east on C.T.H. JR until you first see the Parkside buildings. The parking lot is on the north side of the road and the UWP CC Course sign is on the south. (SEE LOCATION HERE)

Saturday is the Crazylegs Run in Madison. John Becker plans on going so if interested let him know. I think it’s about 5 miles or so. His address is:

He will go up Friday night if that is the preference.

Remember that the discount fee for the Lighthouse Run ends April 30. The website to get the application is:

Bill Folk notched up another marathon in his 50 state marathon quests, completing the Wenatchee Washington Marathon. It looked like a cozy field of fewer than 200.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wenatchee, WA

Bill and Steph are back and here is the recap:

Steph and I flew into Seattle on Friday to an overcast rainy surprise for Seattle I guess. We spent the night there and discussed our run with a few of the locals who informed us that Wenatchee happens to be the Apple Capital of the World.

Saturday morning we walked to coffee and admired the Seattle sights before driving through the mountain passes heading for Wenatchee. As we approached the city we saw orchards and orchards of apple trees coming into blossom. The town of Wenatchee is located on the Columbia River and has a population of 60,000 it is very quaint. We stopped by the local sporting goods store to pick up our race packets...Steph's number was 423, which was the date of the race. She's very numbers-oriented and the combination of this 'sign' and the fact that 23 is her lucky number made her even more excited that this was her first race! With the help of the hotel clerk we found a nice Italian restaurant in East Wenatchee where we enjoyed a nice early meal and then got a good night sleep.

Sunday morning was sunny and 44 degrees. We walked from the hotel to the starting line for the 8am start. We then found out that the race wouldn't start until 8:15 (after the kids' run), a little more than 30 min away. We waited patiently making sure that we were in the sun just to stay warm. At 8:15 the group was off.

Steph and I enjoyed a fantastic 6.2 mile run. Steph completed the 10k course in 1:08:19. I think she's got the running bug now. She was elated at finishing the run and I was proud as can be.

My run turned ugly after mile 10. On the East side of the Columbia River the trail we were running on was a bit hillier and the stiff 20 mph headwind really caused me to lose focus and not run as much as I should have for this 5 mile stretch. To make matters worse I would have to do this section twice (loop course)!

With a mile and a half left I met the sweep crew, a one man biking machine who I later found out had done Boston just the week prior. My only concern was finishing with an official time, he assured me that I would definitely make the 6 hour cut off and he would call ahead just to be sure that the finish line did not pack up.

I arrived at the finish line at 5:53:41. Definitely not my best showing but it is official so I have my 5th state in the bag.

Steph and I both had a wonderful time, the views were spectacular with mountains in the background at every turn, and the people were very nice. We would both recommend this race to any one who wants to go to Washington but I would remind you to practice running 5-10% graded hills and into the wind!

Monday, April 17, 2006


A big congratulation goes out to Melissa who turned in a 3:45:43 at Boston.

Great job Melissa…you really turned out a great performance.

Saturday April 22nd

Good group last Saturday. 25 were looking for a warm spring run and were not disappointed. Sunny and just the right temperature for running. With the warmer weather we have to start paying attention to water stops. If anyone need water bottles let me know and I will have some with me next Saturday.

Next Saturday, April 22nd: 7:00 AM.

Meet at the Piggly Wiggly parking lot at West Blvd. and Washington Ave (MAP). We will run the bike trail south. I will have Norris put water out at KR and the bike trail which will be about 3 ½ miles out.


Since I don't know how far everyone is going this map takes the bike trail south to 12th Street. The mileage is one way!

South Bike Trail Route


May 13th is the Ice Age 50. They are looking for help at a few of the aid stations. Anyone that is willing to help out please e-mail me so that I can forward your name on to my contact person.


Monday, April 10, 2006

April 15, 2006

Next Saturday, let’s do the Colonial park run. The prediction is rain Friday and warm and sunny Saturday.

Start 7:00 AM.

Take West High Street west off Northwestern Ave. Meet in the parking lot at the bottom on the hill. West High Street is the street south of Sacred Heart School (across from the Unified office). There is a BP service station on the corner.


Colonial Park Route

Well, I guess I really didn’t need to go all the way to Sanabil Island for warm weather. I saw the game time temp. for the Brewers game on Sunday was 60. also shows it will be warm all week. Tom and I had a couple of nice runs but had to start early because of the heat. Precursor to summer, I had to walk some.

I hope all of you who ran the South Shore finished and were pleased with your time. That half marathon usually brings on dreadful weather. This yr. I’m in Fla. and the weather looks like it was pretty nice. To guarantee good weather for next year, I’m taking up a collection to send me back down here next year. For far, I haven’t even been able to get Mary to donate.

Is next Sat the Sat. Bill and Steph are in Washington? I can’ remember. If so, best of luck to both on your run.

Tan, rested and ready to run.


Well all I could find was four members of our group on the South Shore Results…if I missed you please let me know and I’ll update the listing. (See...I missed someone....Sorry Mike)

Jodie 2:26:26
Mike D. 2:06:30
Kristen 1:59:49
Amy 1:41:47

A special Congratulations to Amy who not only ran a great time but placed first in her division!!!


Great job everyone…we all hope you had a good race!

Monday, April 03, 2006

April 8th

Saturday's Run: Panera's run starting at 7:00AM. (You guessed it, I will bein Fla. so will reluctantly take a pass on my favorite run).

Vova, this is an easy run for you to get to the starting point. If you want, you can just wait for them to go by on Emmertsen and pick them up then.

Starting point: For MAP CLICK HERE

Panera Route

Long Panera Route

Saturday is also the South Shore Half Marathon (LINK). Kristin is definitely running and wants to know if anyone wants to go with her. Let her know if you would like to travel up with her.

We all thank Bill for the blog page. Now, when my address books goes on aits customary short vacation, you can stay in the loop. That address is:

See you all in a couple of weeks. I'm on my way to visit Tom to be sure heis putting in his miles.