Monday, May 22, 2006

MAY 27, 2006

Next Saturday’s Run, change from the decision at coffee.

Next Saturday’s run will start from Culver’s on 21st St. just east of Green Bay Road. (LOCATION HERE) The run for the following week (June 3) will be the Panera’s run. I was reminded that Kristin had asked for us to run from Panera’s on June 3.

Time: 7:00 AM

Here is the CULVER’S ROUTE.

Someone please call me and let me know where you select for coffee: 639-2103. I like sleeping in, but be assured I much, much prefer to run.

Next Sunday is the Madison Half Marathon and Marathon (LINK). I think John Becker is planning to run the Half. It is a fun run, if a little hilly that I always enjoy. Most of the run is shaded and the part that isn’t is through the campus. You might want to email John at if you plan on going so you can share a ride.

I just received an email from the Chicago Marathon. More than 30,000 have registered, so if you are considering that marathon you better get serious about that decision. Chicago Marathon Link

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