Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Saturday September 9th

Start: Bike Trial North. Parking on 3 Mile Rd. west of Douglas Ave. on the bike trail. Check the blog for exact location. (Park Here)


Start: 7:00 AM

I’m in the Teton this weekend so I will miss this run but see you all the following week.


North Bike Trail - 7.21 miles (South to Layard; North to 5 mile; South to 3 mile)

Around the point – 6.37 miles (East on 3 mile around the point to 4 mile West; Bike trail South to 3 mile)

The bike trail appears to be open to 6 mile (the no trespassing sign was removed this weekend) but it is larger gravel than the rest of the trail so proceed with caution if you go further than 5 mile road.

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