Saturday, April 28, 2007

Race Results

Congrats to the Racine half marathon runners:

Melissa - 1:47:13
Jodie - 1:49:04
Mike - 2:08:29 (sorry I missed you...Thanks Bob for pointing out my oversight)
Kristen - 2:08:34
Andy - 2:09:49

Congrats to John who ran the Crazylegs race in 49:47.

See you all next week!?!


Unknown said...

Congratulations to all that ran, it was a perfect day for the runners, spectators and volunteers. I'm sure that you noticed the ghost "Good To Go 'Til Ten Below" runner manning the aid station at Lake Crest and Michigan Blvd.

Mike Dederich also looked good finishing 2:08.29 / 74th

Melissa said...

Thanks Bob for volunteering to help pass out much needed fluids during the race. Also, congatulations to Kim Carey for finishing in 1:51:39 / 37th