Saturday, July 14, 2007

July 14

Well it is July after all. Hot and muggy.
Conversation selecting run for July was one of the topics at coffee Saturday. It’s clear we all agree that we should run where we can count on shade and accessible water.
Saturday: UW Parkside cross country course. The hills are rough but we loop back a couple of time so we can have out water around the start line.

I will be Moldova and Hungry the last two weekends of July so we set runs for the next three weeks. Shady courses was the requirement. After Parkside, Colonial and after Colonial back the Cemetery Run. Coffee to be determined later.

It was great to have Ralph back. Tom W. and Ralph are not the designated walking group.


Meet here at 7 AM

Parkside – 5k course

Parkside – 10k course

Parkside – Road course – 4.7 miles

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