Saturday, April 19, 2008

19th of April

My best information is that Saturday’s run will be the Wrath of the Elderly Run, being past the second Saturday.

Meet at Lake & Gould by the zoo (MAP HERE). 7:00 AM.


Route to the North – 7.07 miles

Route to the South – 5.51 miles


Ted R. Chacon said...

Anyone in your group planning to run 20 miles,or would like to?

Ted R. Chacon said...

how about Sunday,I can meet a group at the run/walk trail behind Razor

Racine Runners said...

Sorry I didn't see your post sooner...I was out of town and did not run with the group this week.

I know there is a group that will be planning on running 20 next week...I'll post that info when I get it.

Ted R. Chacon said...

i'll see everyone in Cimcim., Badgetland Strider member!Adios

Ted R. Chacon said...

I meant, Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon!