Saturday, July 19, 2008


Because the triathlons that will be run this weekend we thought is would be best to avoid downtown and the northern areas. Because of the heat, we thought a shaded area would best serve us. So we settled upon the Cemetery Run.

Meet in the old Piggly Wiggly parking lot west of West Blvd and Washington Ave. Stay out of the CVS Pharmacy lot.

7:00 AM. Coffee will be at Wilson’s.

Last Saturday a discussion arose as to what may qualify someone for this group. We settled upon three requirements:

1. you must be either a male or female;
2. you must be capable of forward motion of some sort although a walk or run is probably preferable; and
3. you may take your running seriously, but you may not take yourself too seriously (or if you do, don’t let us know that you do; but if you do, we can help you over come that disability) and you may not take the group seriously.

An application is not necessary. If the executive committee does not act within five days after your request, you are deemed admitted. The executive committee is not scheduled to meet within this decade.


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