Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 25 - New Route!

A new route. Oakes Trial.

 Meet just north of Hwy 20 (Washington Ave) on Oakes Road at the trail head – there is a parking lot and parking is allowed on the street.  The following link will show you where:  Park here

This is the trail that we use for Panera 2 a loop around, assuming you go out to Old Spring and back through the neighborhood, is 2.25 miles.  Alternative routes including, the loop and running over to Sunnyslope and an out and back using the trail, Stuart Rd, and the Frontage road will be available on the website:

Joe and Sara ran the Oshkosh Half Marathon; Great times:

Joe – 24th overall – 1:25:16

Sara – 1:52:04




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