Saturday, May 09, 2009


Bike Trail North. Parking on north side of 3 Mile Road just west of Douglas Ave. park here

7:00 AM.  I don’t believe anyone is starting early after last weeks marathons and half marathons.


Here is what I have for lost weeks marathons and half marathon.  If I missed anyone let me know so we can get you added. Good work for all of you. Some new marathoners here…

Wisconsin Marathon

Carrie R.           3:54:19 1st marathon

Richard H.        4:37:29 1st marathon

Richard N.        4:40:50 1st marathon

Greg G.             4:43:07 1st marathon


Wisconsin Half Marathon

Eric S.                1:39:36

James L.            1:46:29

Ken R.                1:48:27

Tony L.              1:54:42

Scott M.             1:57:22 1st half

Mike D.              2:03:42

Yemi B.              2:04:00

Melissa N.         2:04:01

Kim C.               2:04:14

Mari D.              2:05:33

Kristin F.           2:07:54

Jessica L.           2:20:08

David P.             2:26:07

Jodie B.              2:49:29


Fort Collins Marathon

Bill F.                  5:25:24 adding another state


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