Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lighthouse Run

Saturday is the Lighthouse Run so we will not have a group run/walk. Good luck to all of you.

Wil Archer sent the attached note for your information.


I have been looking into purchasing a waterproof seat cover to protect my car seat after running. I have used a towel up to now but that is not the greatest.

Below is a link to a company that supplies seat covers to athletes and I was wondering if there might be enough interest in the running group for us to get a bulk order discount (more than 12).

We could even get the logo put on them. Would you mind sending this email out to the group?
Anyone who is interested can email me and I will pull together the information.

I have spoken to the company and, if we put together an order for 12 of the elite/ultra combined, the cost of each would drop to $24 and $29 respectively with a charge of only $1 per cover for shipping.



Next question. A group logo?


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