Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturday 11-7-09

Allow me to introduce myself. I am that old guy NOT named Tom that used to join you on Saturday's.

I am informed that we will cover the reverse Culver's this weekend. we will meet at West Blvd. and Durand. (Park Here) You may wish to do the bike trail south if footing permits. 7:00AM as usual.

Hot Badger tickets. The team won all three games of my tickets.



gopfolk said...

There are a few of us starting early...4 am - 5 am. So give a shout out if you are planning on starting early otherwise we'll see you at 7 am.

Unknown said...

Just wanted to say thanks for making my first run with people a very pleasant one...well, weather aside...:) I enjoyed meeting those I was able to! I'll catch you in the near future.