Saturday, April 17, 2010

This Saturday - UPDATED w/Jud's email


Bill has posted the results of the Mt. Pleasant Half Marathon on the website.

Some really nice results.

Saturday's Run: Wrath of the Aged

Time: 7 AM.

Coffee: DunnBors. downtown.



As most of you know I only post this after I receive the email from Jud but seeing how a number of people have already begun emailing what time they would be running I thought that I'd at least post the location…I'll post Jud's email once it arrives.

This week we will be doing the Park View run (aka "Wrath of the Aged") park here. Normal time 7:00 am. Coffee at Dunn Brothers?

Carrie and Greg are starting at 4:30 (shooting for 20 miles)

Colleen and Melissa are starting at 5:30 (shooting for 12-15)

I have posted last week's results on the results tab located above. Congrats to all of you who completed the race!! I look forward to publishing a few race reports. (hint, hint) If you notice that I have forgotten someone please drop me a line and I can fix it immediately, thanks


gopfolk said...

I plan on starting between 5:30 and 6...depending when I get up!!


Unknown said...

Working the next two weekends...will see you all in May!