Thursday, November 03, 2011

Saturday, November 5th

It is November folks!!! 
Weather should be okay for the weekend so we will do the Colonial Park Run (park here)
Coffee: TBD -- but most likely Panera

Congrats to everyone in last week's races:
Sara W.            25:37 (2nd in age div)
Doug N.            28:25 (3rd in age div)
Richard N.         47:22
Amanda G.       47:22

Half Marathon
Colleen E          1:30:24 (1st overall woman, 5th overall)
Anne S.             1:36:32 (1st in age div)
Rick R.              1:37:46 (1st in age div)
Ray D.              1:43:47
Nick R               1:46:10
Greg G.              1:48:03
Carrie R.           1:59:18
Melissa N.         2:10:53
Warren M.         2:40:44
I'm a bit behind on updating the results page…so if you have run a race and I have not placed it on the results page could you please drop me an email so that I can correct this oversight?  I need a link to the race page (if they have one or the results page) and your info (race and time).  Thanks!

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