Monday, August 21, 2006

Saturday the 26th

7 a.m.

Start at Lakeshore Towers (Map Here).

Here are a few routes:

Zoo Trail – Jud’s house loop 5.5 miles

Tower’s South Route 4.9 miles

Tower’s Loop (via Jud’s house and the Zoo) 10.25 miles

This Saturday we hope to break in the new bike trial to the zoo. This adds to our collection of inaugurations of new sections as the bike trails as the first organized run. We started this a couple of years ago with some winter runs through Island Park.

For the marathon build up group (or any one going by), I will leave water and Gatorade on my side porch. If I forget, knock on the door and ask for some water. The last time I offered this, I forgot the water. I will let Mary know as so she won’t be surprised if I forget and you knock.


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