Wednesday, August 02, 2006

7 AM Saturday

With all this heat and the relief being only a small reduction in temp. Sat.’s run will be Colonia Park again. (MAP HERE Beware of detour at top of hill…you will need to head north one block to Westwood Dr. to get around the construction) So much of it is shaded that it makes it good for long runs. I will place water and Gatoraide on my back porch for the marathon build up group.

Coffee location to be determined.


Since the place is the same (and Runstopable satellite maps are working again) I came up with a few different routes…all but the last one stop by Jud’s house.

Colonial alt route north 5.7 miles

Colonial Loop 8.3 miles

Long Colonial 11 miles

Colonial Route 5.7 miles

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