Monday, November 13, 2006

11-18-06 7:00AM

In my absence Saturday the group decided that next weeks run will be Panera #2...(they do this when I am not around to protest the Panera run) Parking here.

...For you and others that are not familiar with this route...we start at Panera, take the sidewalk west on Washington, North on Sunnyslope for 2 blocks, west on Mariner to the paved trails (around a 2 mile loop), then back.

Also can you send the following link to Andy's Jingle Bell Run Team? The deadline to sign up for the team is this week!!!


Here is the route to the trails (Panera #2)
I have been told that the paved trail is about a 2 mile loop. The satellite photos do not show the trails yet so I am unable to map them at this time. Total route would be about 4.9 miles.


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