Saturday, March 24, 2007

24th of March

Tan, rest and ready to run. Three days of baseball sitting in that sun when I could have been back at the office. It's been in the 90's everyday here which makes morning run the only option. But enough of this sun, heat and fun. Time to get back to those welcoming gray skies and subfreezing wind chills.

Saturday's Run: Bill tells me we can finally return to Colonial Park so Colonial Park (Park Here) it is. 7:00 AM. Coffee wherever you select. We are midway between Panara and Java Vino. If you prefer Java Vino someone shold 1. make the decision and 2. let Java Vino know we will be there a little early.

Please excuse me, I have to put on a little sun block. See you all Saturday.


Colonial Route - 5.67 miles

It looks like we will be going to Java Vino! See you all on Saturday!!

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