Saturday, March 03, 2007

March 3rd

Hearing nothing from my inquiry of the selection for Sat. run, we go w/ the cemetery run. Good place to run in lousy weather and lousy footing.

Saturday 7 AM


Route HERE – 5.85 Miles

Kristin: OK - sorry for the delay - at the end of coffee the few that were still there decided on Panera - for those that want to run long we will meet at Panera at 6:15

Bill: Is this a joke or for real?

Kristin: this is not a joke - (sorry Jud) We really did talk about Panera - there were about 5 or so of us there and this is what was decided - many people said they would not be here this week due to travel, etc so we just decided.

Saturday 7 AM

Panera - Park HERE

Panera route - 5.87 mile

Panera 2 route - 5.1 mile

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