Saturday, December 20, 2008


Saturday’s Run: Wrath of the Aged Run.

7:00 AM

Meet at the parking lot at Gould and Michigan,(MAP HERE) if you dare. We cowards will park on the street. It’s not the second Saturday, but they may be having a special Christmas party or something. We need Amy for this one.

Dunn Brothers for coffee???

After coffee Saturday, I talked to the HOPE people. They were sorry things took so long, but the regular staff was not there and we ended up with a new hire. Next time I will call and they will be ready for the steaming hoard and will set up the back room. I told them we are a pretty easy group anyway. Let me know if you want to go back there again. Personally, I like the back room where we don’t interfere with normal operations and the money goes for counseling.


Route to the North – 7.07 miles

Route to the South – 5.51 miles

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