Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday's Run

This week the Church Run. It’s our best bet with snow.
Meet at my office: 510 College Ave.
Start: 7:00AM

See maps below.

Las Vegas Marathon Results:

Yemi: 4:12:27
Kim: 4:12:27
Bill: 4:45:05 (a new PR!!)
Andy: 5:55:45

I did notice that there was a Jennifer McNabb from Racine that ran the marathon as well…5:38:04…if anyone knows her invite her out with the group!!

Las Vegas Half:

There were also a few Racine people that ran the half…while we haven’t seen them out with us if we know them lets welcome them!

James Lynott: 1:45:10
Jessica Lynott: 2:38:44
Steve McNabb: 2:32:51
Rae Soczka: 2:29:01
Jennifer Thoennes: 1:49:49

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