Thursday, July 27, 2006

Saturday July 29th

All, I have not heard that a decision was made on where we were going to run next Saturday (July 29th). In Jud's absence, I would suggest we run at Colonial Park (STARTING POINT - ROUTE), at 7 am. If one of the marathoners would let me know what distance you are running I can put water out at the lookout on 6th street, or further out on Erie. I assume that you will be running the bike path behind the Case office building and up Erie (That is the course that has been used in prior years for the long run from the park) Please let me know if this suggestion is OK.



Perfect - if you put water where it usually gets placed that would be great - it is my intention to start at 6:00 - run some miles and then meet back at colonial for another 6 miles if anyone is interested. I am hoping to get 12 miles in this day.


I'll put several water bottles at the top of the hill (I'm not sure where the regularly are placed) before I go to Colonial (at approx 6:45 am) so you might not have them available for your first pass since you are leaving at 6.


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