Saturday, November 10, 2007


Sorry to be posting this so late…it slipped by me this week but here it is!!

So now I have it straight. This week we will run the Parkside course. (I can hear the groans already. “Not that hill!”).

Also, you may have received the brochure for the Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis. Registration is $17 if before 11/26 and $25. Andy reported that he is trying to have the website as well as Saturday Morning Runners. The run is December 8, so join me for my birthday run. I turn 39 again that day—for the 23rd time.

Meet here at 7 AM

Parkside – 5k course

Parkside – 10k course

Parkside – Road course – 4.7 miles

I will post a separate link to the Jingle Bell Run this weekend.

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