Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday, November 24

We had a good bunch of runners this week…including Jeff who crossed that WI-IL border just to run with us! (He has wedding photo’s available on-line…I’ll get that link out to everyone soon!)

The run for this week was discussed and the following was decided: “We haven’t been to Mocha Lisa’s in a while.”

So we will run the north side bike trail starting at the bike trial near 3 mile and Douglas. (map here)

Bike Trial North (6.52 miles.)

Also this week we have Thanksgiving…which means that besides having to wear the loose fitting pants to dinner there will be the annual Turkey Trot.

Come on down to Kenosha and join us!!! You can choose from the 2 mile or the 10k and then join us for a bloody mary after the race. For more information see the following site:

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