Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Trot Results

Here is a short list of Saturday Morning Runners who completed the Mayor’s Turkey Trot in Kenosha on Thanksgiving Day:

Amy DeMatthew 46:42 - Placed 2nd in her age group!
Melissa Northup 49:10 - Placed 2nd in her age group!
Kim Carey 51:19 - Placed 3rd in her age group!
Mike Dederich 54:18
Andy Hay 55:34
Steph Folk 56:47 - PR!!
Bill Folk 56:48
John Becker 59:39
David Paulson 1:05:13

I know there were at least 2 additional runners but I can not find their times…If someone could point them out I would appreciate it.


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